Tuesday, September 16, 2008

pancakes! for dinner?

Yes, I know. We are a wild family. To celebrate Tuesday
("WipeOut Night") and a new fancy griddle,
I decided to make breakfast for dinner.
I even tossed some chocolate chips into the batter.
When I served Jack his plate, with pancakes and a banana,
this is what I heard.
Only not with the positive enthusiasm I had expected:
J: "What? Pancakes? for dinner?"
Me: "Yep. How cool is that?"
J: "Not so cool. I like dinner the old-fashioned, PROPER way."
Me: no comment...I mean, really, what could I possibly say?
(He did, however, EAT the pancakes.
And I think I even saw him smile, too!)

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

He just keeps the funny comments rolling doesn't he. He is too much :). What a bad mom not to serve your child a "proper" dinner.