Monday, October 6, 2008

9 months...

I can't believe how little she was 9 months ago!
Happy 9 Months!
To celebrate, here are 9 things about Molly :) and some new pictures from the week...
1- no one makes her laugh and smile as much as her big brother
2- her crying in the car phase is almost over, now she likes to sing and talk, and look out the window.
3- she loves Cheerios
4- she will immediately take a hat off, but with a distraction, she will forget it's on...
5- she loves her playdates and her awesome baby friends
6-she crawled to the t.v. today...just to get a closer look at her favorite tv host, Steve (from Blue's Clues)
7- she'd much rather stand up than sit or crawl
8- she tried some "real" food today- steak and baked potatoes
9- she is still NOT sleeping through the night...maybe that will be #10!


riniandfaith said...

Congratulations Sara!!! You are the winner of our HaloHalo Win contest!!

We loved your Moon & Stars idea and will be constructing them into hats during the course of the week. If you please send your email address our way {our is} so that we can exchange more information there that would be wonderful. Thank you so much and have a blessed tuesday!!


Rubyellen said...

Congrats!!! Rini and faith are the best!

Molly and her big blues are so beautiful!!!

Rubyellen said...

i was so excited to see Meredith has a blog... I need to say hi.

Jennifer said...

Happy 9 month birthday Molly. Time does fly. I love your dress. Love, your friend Taylor