Monday, October 27, 2008

First Field Trip

Thankfully, I have a very capable student teacher and was able to sneak away and get this picture of Jack as he and his class
left on their first field trip of the year... They went to the Fullerton Arboretum.
On the way to school this morning, Jack wanted to know,
"Mom, do they have a gift shop there?"
He was disappointed to learn that, no, unlike his last
field trip to the Discovery Science Center,
they do not have a gift shop.
I was there when they got off the bus as well. I greeted him with
an enthusiastic smile, "How was your field trip?"
"Not good. All we did was walk around and look.
We didn't DO anything..."
Later, I asked him, "Did you have fun eating lunch by the pond?"
"Yes. I was enjoying that part, but that's it"
Tough crowd...

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Melodie said...

What an awesome photo. I would love to see that face someday on Reece when he goes off for a day - confident, happy, relaxed...