Friday, October 3, 2008

oh, crap.

Can I say crap on a blog?
Here was my morning. And for obvious reasons, there are no pictures in this post (you will be thankful for this after you me).
Jack's teacher celebrated her birthday today...and well, since she has to deal with Jack all day, I decided to make a stop to get some sweet tea at Chik-Fil-A for her (she loves it!)
-left the house a few minutes early
-got the tea
-Molly fell asleep on the way to the sitter (this NEVER happens)
-when we got to the sitter, I gingerly lifted her from her seat (hoping to keep her sleeping)
-the "gingerly" hold didn't last long, as I discovered we had a diaper, let's say "incident"...and let's say a "huge diaper incident"
-Molly is awake now, because I realize there is poop everywhere, including up my arms ...
-I walk to the door, with Molly as far from my body as I can hold and knock with my foot
-Gloria greets me with a smile...and then it fades...she grabs a towel and scoops up the poopy and screaming baby
-I scrub up like a surgeon in the sitter's kitchen while she deals with the diaper mess (she REALLY is a saint)
-Molly is screaming still
-Now, I leave and go to shut the van door (because I had left it open with all the excitement)...and I realize...
-it's really everywhere...the carseat is, well, not so clean anymore.
-I finally get to work, feeling so gross....and I do my best to clean the seat with the disinfectant wipes from my classroom
-I call Gloria to make sure everyone had "recovered"...and Gloria tells me that Molly seems "relieved"
-I think to myself "she better be!"

(Happy Birthday, Miss Joo :) )


Jennifer said...

I think you are entitled to say "oh crap" after that experience. OMG what a mess.

Mom said...

Gosh! She couldn't even wait until you were on your way HOME from school? Proving once again: when ya gotta go, ya gotta go. And a big THANKS to Molly for not pulling her stunt on MY watch!

Rubyellen said...

oh gosh... i can totally relate! But you are much better than me cause you had to go to work after!!! I miss Angie and Jane! Tell them I said hi... I heard next week is conference week so I may stop by.