Sunday, March 22, 2009

catching up

Jack's birthday kept us busy! After his party, we stayed at a hotel with a jacuzzi tub. This was what he wanted for his birthday! We had dinner and yogurt and then went for a swim! Jack was in heaven...all of that AND Star Wars was on (and you could see the TV from the water!)Molly loved it, too. But wasn't able to sleep well in the hotel bed...and 11:45 that night, I took her home to sleep in her own bed. We met the boys back in the morning, only to find out that they had had an exciting night. Someone had pulled the fire alarm at 2:45 that morning...and they had to evacuate!As I had been telling Jack, there was another surprise coming at Goofy's Kitchen. Here is his reaction...His friend from preschool (when he was 3!), Julia, happened to be visiting this week, so she and her mom met us for brunch. These two quickly picked up where they left off from our last visit. I love watching Jack with his friends!

As if that wasn't enough, we celebrated again, at Nana's on Sunday.......and again, with his class on Monday!

Then, back to Disneyland for more time with Julia (and a yummy dinner!)

On Thursday, Jack and I went back for more! This time, we met them at CA Adventure...

Friday brought another field Fullerton College. Over 1,400 Kindergarteners were there...While I was with my class, it was fun to run into Jack at some stations. We even got to sit on the bus together!

Saturday came (finally) and Jack and Ken went to a CSUF baseball game. Molly and I were invited to play at her boyfriend's house...and a trip to the park! Here is a picture of Molly trying to blow the dandelion flower! I am thankful for our busy's nice to be surrounded by lots of friends and family.
Now, this week, we look forward to parent conferences...and counting down until Spring Break!


JDiLuigi said...

Wow, you made me tired just reading about your week! Sorry Molly did not do so well at the hotel. You are a trooper though. You are right, the count down is on! Cute pics, thatnks for sharing:)

Shauna Ward said...
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Shauna Ward said...

Sounds like a very fun and exciting birth-week!

Anonymous said...

sara! just love, love, love your photos!!! great!! hey, i added your URL to my blog -- gave the title "my little sis" - hope it's cool with you. can't wait to see all you in MAY!!!! xox