Sunday, March 15, 2009


Dear Jack,
We celebrated your sixth birthday had so much fun with all your friends at Pump It Up. It made us very happy to watch you.

Tomorrow is your real birthday...we are having a special lunch at Disneyland, with a very special surprise friend. I can't wait to see your face!
You have grown up way too fast...Mommies always say that time flies, and I have to agree...This is you, one day old. I will always remember those sweet, fat cheeks...
This is you, one year old. I will always remember you HATED when your hands were dirty...This is you, 2 years old. I will always remember how much you loved trains.
This is you, three years old. I will remember that you insisted on a "real red diesel engine" for your cake and that you still LOVED trains!This is you, four years old. I will always remember how you loved show and tell at St. Paul's, and how you made so many friends that year.
This is you, five years old. I will remember how proud you made me this whole year. You became a big brother and started Kindergarten. This is you, six years old. I will always remember how smart you you can read Fox in Sox, without " getting my tongue all twisted", how your love for trains has now been replaced with Star Wars and Legos, how even though you sometimes get annoyed, you really love your baby sister, how you make me smile and laugh on the way to school everyday...Happy Birthday, Buddy. We love you!


Ana said...

I love this post. What a special letter to Jack! Did you share it with him? I imagine he probably loved to remember those things with you. Moving from trains to Star Wars and Legos is such a big thing. He's not a little boy anymore (though he'll always be yours). Happy Birthday, Jack!

Sharon said...

Just a good thing I am now going to take my shower and go to bed. I don't need eye make-up on now any way (it RAN while reading your post) That is the sweetest posting EVER Sara. Jack is one of the nicest/cutest little boys I know of. The love of his parents and grandparents shine through in him. Have fun at Dizzyland :)

The Paines said...

Very heartwarming! Way to capture those special moments.

Mel said...

Beautiful letter! Thank you for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

I just can't believe that Jack is 6 years old! Why does it go by so fast for us???
This open letter is so sweet!
Certainly a lucky little boy!
Hugs to you all!!!

Jennifer said...

That is such a sweet trip down memory lane :). It's amazing that even his baby picture still looks like him, minus the chubby cheeks.