Sunday, October 25, 2009

did I mention I have a thing for pumpkin patch pictures?

We got to Irvine Park before our friends did. So we did some exploring first...
I think Molly is actually staring at her pumpkin socks in this one!She watched some bigger kids measure themselves, and of course,
had to do it, too.Sitting on pumpkins made her laugh!Then, Melodie and Reece came and we rode the train together.
But these two had more fun chasing each other all around.
I was amazed to even get a picture of them together!!Then, Mia came!!
And we tried to get these 2 together for a compare with last years picture from the same place.I am thankful for the fall and for playdates...
and Pumpkin Patch pictures.

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Shalimar and David said...

they all look so wonderful!!!!