Tuesday, October 6, 2009


It makes my heart smile to see my own kids with MY grandfather.
I know that Sundays have got to be his favorite day,
because he is with family, but more importantly,
his GREAT grandkids.
When we drive to my parents' house, we talk about who we will see.
Molly goes through the list:
Papa Red is proud of us, and even more proud of these special
little people. I know, just like the rest of us, he feels a little sad
that Grandma Pearl didn't get as much time with them.

I remember spending days and nights at their house.
Grandpa would play lots of tricks on my Grandma.
We would walk to McDonald's,
and on the way, we would stop at a fountain on the way.
I remember him drawing anchor tattoos on our arms.
And hiding our Easter baskets.
And wearing crazy wigs.
And letting us crush the cans to recycle them.
I remember his blue truck and camper.

My kids will remember him differently,
but the same.

We love Papa Red!


JDiLuigi said...

Cute post Sara. It is always good to have pics with the grandparents:) Did you change your blog up a little? It looks different.

The Paines said...

Aww. . .so sweet. Don't ever take that for granted. I didn't grow up near any extended family and it makes me sad that Josiah can't see our family regularly. It really is precious.

Susie said...

It was all about the anchor tattoos. And hiding fishing worms so Grandma would freak out. And when she would let the popcorn pop the lid off the pan....every single time, and still be surprised!

Merideth said...

I love this post. :)

Houria said...

Sara, I enjoyed visiting your blog today. Great pictures of Jack and Molly. The Sleepy Eater video is very funny. You will appreciate this blog even more when Jack is 24 and away doing his own thing. Enjoy every moment.