Wednesday, March 10, 2010

just because

I am posting this, just because.
I have already posted Molly and her animal sounds, but, it's just too cute.
You will notice at the end of the video, there is some potty talk.
I think we are slowly starting that process, as Molly is showing some interest in sitting on her Dora potty seat, unlike Jack, who declared the potty was "too dangerous" when he was 2.5.
Also, unlike her brother, Molly needs no bribes or rewards, just a high five, as you will see here.

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Sharon said...

Ohhhhhh how I loved watching and listening to that video. How Molly says "ribbit" for the frog, and "MeNow" for the cat. Loved the pucker for the fish. Smart little cutie pie you have there with all the counting she does! Her "hair do" is just precious, with it being short in the back and longer on the side. That is one "stylin'" little girl.

Susie said...

I totally forgot about Jack and the potty being "too dangerous!" Oh my gosh, that's still hilarious!