Monday, March 8, 2010

penguin encounter

For cousin Jacob's birthday, we all went to Sea World.
The highlight was the behind the scene penguin encounter tour.
But, we had fun before that!

Feeding the sea lions
watching the sting rays
feeding ducks
The Penguin Encounter starts with an up close meeting with a macaroni penguin.
This one was born at the end of 2009.

The next part was even more exciting, when we got to go into the actual exhibit.
We could see ALL the penguins! 
It was about 26 degrees in there, so it was freezing!
But what an experience!

We were really lucky to not have rain until it was time to leave.
Which meant Molly had time to play, too!
We really, really love our Sea World passes!

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Malia said...

The genes in your family run deep! Jacob looks so much like how I remember Suzie looking.