Monday, March 14, 2011

8...(big sigh)....8!

Dear Jack,
Tonight is the last night I can say I have a 7 year old.
I saw the "8" candle at Nana's yesterday, and I got teary.
8 years.
Tonight, as we left the bookstore, you said, "Here is your birthday present, Mom".
And gave me a hug.
"My birthday present?" I asked you.
"Yes, because you've been a mom for 8 years".

(I still had 2 months to go when I took these pregnancy pictures!)

(for those of you that didn't know, Jack was just under 10 pounds at birth...look at those cheeks!
This is me, being wheeled out from the hospital, bringing home baby Jack Austin!)

(Proud Papa Red...Jack and Papa share the same middle name)

(first trip to Vegas, for Uncle Joe's tournament)

(Jack and Daddy...)

(Jack and some friends)

(first birthday lunch)

(cousins at Jacob's soccer game)

(Jack in Santa Barbara)

(train phase)

(celebrating your 8th Birthday at Nana's)

8 years.
We are proud of the big kid you have become.
You are sweet, smart, silly, loving, dramatic, creative, sensitive, funny, enthusiastic...
and I cannot wait to see what the next 8 years will bring.

Happy Birthday, bud!


Le Anne said...

Okay, I cried. I remember that belly! I remember that baby! I remember that small little boy. My own little boy just game me his detailed list for his 7th birthday party. So, I understand you and I cried. Happy Birthday, Jack!

Merideth said...

Oh, the photo of the cousins tugs at my heart strings! They're all just growing so darn fast! :)

Melissa said...

I LOVED looking at these pictures. I remember like it was yesterday when you told us you were pregnant with him. :)

JDiLuigi said...

Happy late b-day to Jack:) I love looking at Jack-the-earlier-years. It is evident that your love for photography is not a new thing.