Tuesday, March 15, 2011

even number

Yesterday, Jack was an ODD number.
And now, he's an EVEN number.
That's what he told me when I visited his class to drop
off a small birthday treat.
His class and teacher made him a sweet little card.
While I was there, the kids got to ask me some questions
about Jack when he was a little boy.
Then, the teacher asked the class to share some
of the things that they liked about Jack.
My heart was exploding to hear their sweet words.
I wasn't surprised, but it's always nice to hear!

Jack got to pick the agenda for the evening.
So, we ended up at the new LEGO store in South Coast Plaza.
Followed by dinner at the Rain Forest Cafe.
He picked a new set and used some birthday money to buy it.
(Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa Cooper!)
As he ate his birthday sundae, he declared it,
"the best birthday ever!"
Now, this last picture...
Could be a wordless Wednesday,
but I don't want to even wait until tomorrow.
For all my friends with preschoolers.
Enjoy this time with your little ones.
It goes by SO fast.
And even though that may make you a little sad....
Don't be.
Because before you know it, your kid will hand you a note.
And it will make your heart swell with love.


Melissa said...

Oh dear Lord, that is the SWEETEST letter I have ever read. Happy birthday to your amazing little man!!!! XOXO

Ana said...

That note made me teary. He is such a great little man Sara. And isn't so wonderful that a simple birthday is just as special as a big one? Happy Birthday, Jack!

angie said...

that is such a sweet letter!!!
loved it.