Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Night Under the Stars

Jack and I had our third Mom & Son Dance Date last night.
(Kindergarten Dance here. First grade here.)
They did such a great job decorating the MPR at our school.
We walked the red carpet, and were greeted by the paparazzi.
Jack found his star!
...and he found his dancing moves!

After the dance, we went to Yogurtland with the Liconas!

As Jack's 8th birthday is quickly approaching, I caught myself wondering..
"How much longer do I have for moments like these?"
Surely, in a few years, the Mommy & Son dance may not be on the top
of his list of fun things to do.
For now, I will take as many of these moments as I can!


The Ninofrancos said...

Sweet... If you keep him close, you might be able to stretch it a little longer. I know both of my brothers would go to a mother son dance in a heartbeat, and they're 16 and 27. You might just lose him for a year or two somewhere in the middle, there. How many 5th grade boys did you see there? Probably the sons of the PTA, only!

Nana said...

Jack didn't really need to FIND his star; he has it with him all the time, AND it's always shining. The PTA did a fabulous job at decorating; what a great idea. Glad you had a great time!

Anonymous said...

Sara you are an amazing mother. I love this blog!!! I could just keep reading and reading and reading......your writing is so interesting and fun!!! I am really sorry to hear about your grandpa. At least you have the support from your almost 8 year old son. What a complete sweetheart!!!

Rachel Halterman