Thursday, July 7, 2011


Just like last time, I went to the New Kids concert last night.
They were joined by the Backstreet Boys.
But, more importantly, Matthew Morrison was there, too.
I pretty much adore him.

But, even better than Matthew Morrison was having some girl time with friends
from the original New Kids days...(hello, 1989).
I went with Kelly (again), and was thrilled when I got a text from Tori,
who had flown in very last minute.
She and her sister were there, too!
So, we ditched our seats, found an empty section,
and enjoyed the show together!
(this is a horrible picture, but I had to document it!)


Helen said...

how fun! you and your friends are too cute!

mom said...

What a great surprise! So glad Tori could have some "time off".

Ana said...

When I heard about the show I wondered if you would be going...but of course!! Looks like a great time.

The Ninofrancos said...

Nice, but I want to see the original picture from when you went to the concert the first time. 1989, was it?