Wednesday, July 20, 2011

team Bella & Tripp

A few weeks ago, we had a Team Bella dinner,
to celebrate our first Birthday Bash.
Ali and Bella's baby brother, Julian, will be here SOON!
It's important for me, again, to bring up EB.
It's just horrible. I can't imagine.
And, if you have ever read Tripp's blog,
you can't help but want to do something about it.
Please pray for Tripp.
He's really suffering now.
It takes my breath away.
Pray for his mom, Courtney.
She's an amazing young lady.
Visit their blog, leave them a comment.
Become "friends" with Courtney on Facebook.
They need to feel all the love that they can.

1 comment:

The Ninofrancos said...

I tried posting a comment, but anything I wrote sounded meaningless. I opted to pray instead of post. I don't know what I would want to read, if anything, if I were in her shoes.