Friday, July 15, 2011

opening day

The line to get into the fair was CRAZY long when we arrived.
We walked around to another gate, and a very nice fair employee let us in
the employee gate...nice way to start the day!

Another perk to free parking today, was the Friday food tasting.
Every Friday, you can get a sample of food at each booth, for $2.00.

Which meant, half a corn cob for Molly.
As well as pizza, half and half a corn dog.
We had a coupon for a free game...and we played the
"winner everytime" fishing game.
They have a very cool thing for kids ages 6 and up.
You can download a form, and if they read 2 books,
they get 3 free rides!
The fun house mirrors, however, are free.

Jack and I paid $1.00 to see the gigantic Florida crocodile.
Molly loves the petting zoo.
And it was pretty exciting to see this:
We bought SuperPasses this year,
which means...
We will be back...
But, there is just something about opening day...


mel said...

Your photo got a blue ribbon... does that mean you won??

The Paines said...

OH, that food deal sounds fun! Yes, what was the ribbon for? SO exciting!!

Sara said...

Its an honorable mention...