Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas, Part 3

Santa left a nice note,
thanking Jack for the roll of tape he left,
along with the cookies, milk, and carrots.
Our tiny tree and presents.
Jack read Balto this year,
and was happy to get the DVD!
Molly got her "petting zoo legos" that she asked for.
Of course, more Legos.
Molly plays a new game on the DS with her new Happy Napper.

After brunch at my parents, we came home and played
with the new toys...and then got dressed up for Christmas dinner.
We were greeted at my aunt and uncle's door by...
This was pretty cool...Molly was completely in awe.
She didn't know what to think!
But, we had to get a family picture :)

After another yummy meal,
the kids opened more gifts.
The kids were very spoiled this year!
We also took advantage of all the cousins being here this year.
As my aunt was taking our picture with Santa,
she said " guys are all grown up!"
Never too old for a picture with Santa!
I've gotta find a picture of us from when we were little!
Merry Christmas, blog readers!
Thanks for spending another year reading about my crazy little family!


jane said...

soooo cool that santa was there! :) haha! :)

Nana said...

I LOVE the expression on Molly's face in both photos with Santa; she just looks "gobstopped", as if she's been watching Elf too often and can't BELIEVE he's really there. Too funny!