Monday, December 12, 2011

Vegas, baby...(a little late)

We went away (before Thanksgiving!) for a few days...
Back to Vegas!
We stayed at the was really fancy!

We went to the Shark Reef Aquarium,
where we met up with an old teaching buddy and her kids.
So, so much fun watching our kids together.
The older boys quickly bonded!
We explored our hotel a bit...visited the Gelato stand just a *few* times.
But, for me...I preferred the crepes station.

Off to the MGM to see the lions.
The trainers put the meat ON the glass so they get real close.

Spongebob ride at Excalibur.
Molly totally cheated on SkeeBall.
Checking out the toys at the Bass Pro Shops.
The kids are watching a fishing demo.
Papa would be so proud.
Lots of pretty things at the Bellagio.
Including this crazy, talking tree.

Enjoy Vegas entertainment.
After a friends birthday party, where there was a magician,
Jack has been pretty interested in magic.
So, I found the cheapest magic show and got us two tickets.
This guy has tigers, too!
Because of our VIP tickets, Jack got to "get close" with them.

During the show, Jack actually got called UP on the stage to volunteer.
He "helped" do some tricks, and while taking his bow,
the pretty assistant kissed him on his cheek.

Now, he loved it.
But, was also very embarrassed.
He told me as we walked back to our hotel
that he was NEVER telling anyone about "that last part".
Little did he know, he had those big red lips on his cheeks the whole time.
Which I loved.
And photographed.

When we got to our hotel,
he saw the "evidence" in the elevator mirrors.
When we got to the room,
he IMMEDIATELY went to the bathroom and scrubbed it off.

While we were at the show, Molly and Ken went to the Mirage
and had some "up close" time with the dolphins.

This week, Jack said that Las Vegas was his favorite city :)

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