Monday, December 19, 2011

more tradition

Another Christmas tradition for the grandkids
is decorating Papa and Nana's tree.

It's fun to watch them go through all the "old" ornaments.
Most have the year written on them or they are
handmade ornaments from when my sister and I were kids.
Jacob is growing TOO tall TOO fast,
but Jack wanted to help decorate the top sections,
so he used Molly's chair..
Then, he started a new tradition by jumping off after every ornament.
He perfected his moves with each jump.
In true little sister form, Molly had to follow...
Also, a tradition, is the Snoopy House,
which got moved to the City Hall this year.

I remember going to the Snoopy House every year,
for as long as I can remember...
It's fun to see my own kids enjoy it, too!

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Jennifer said...

What fun holiday traditions you have! I love all of the action shots. I love the shot of Jack reflection in the ornament too.