Tuesday, November 12, 2013

bucket list. check.

Cross another thing off my bucket list!
( I don't have a real bucket list, but this would totally be on it if I did!)

SeaWorld had an awesome deal in October…kids free for all animal interactions.
The beluga whale interaction is something I've always wanted to do!
So…we did!
 These creatures are amazing!

 So happy to do this with my favorite 10 year old.
 We explored Sea World some more (took advantage of their trick or treating…AWESOME)
 We did another, not in the water, tour as well.
Mostly for Molly, who waited patiently while we were in the water.
(You have to be 10 to participate in the water interactions and I am pretty confident she will remember and remind me of this in 4.5 years)
 She LOVED the whales as much as I did.

 Unlike the song about the baby beluga ("little white whale on the go"),
this baby, named Pearl, is 3 years old.
Baby belugas are born grey and slowly turn white as they mature.

 We also met a walrus…he was so cool.
Big and slobbery and gross.
But, so very cool.

I am so happy that I got to have this day…We won't ever forget it!