Saturday, November 9, 2013

lazy blogger

Life seems to keep getting busier and busier. And then, when it's not, I still don't think of blogging like I used to. I blame Facebook and Instagram. It's making me a lazy blogger.
A friend reminded me I can blog from my phone…so, here are some pics from my cell that I haven't blogged about…

My high school reunion happened. My 20 year high school reunion. 
It was so much fun…I was in charge of the slideshow, which was a fun project. Good to think back and remember memories and people. Like this guy…he's one of my bestest friends from high school.
These two, however, I have known since KINDERGARTEN. It makes me wonder, will the kids in my class today, still be friends in 30 something years?? Crazy.

Moving on….Kids are growing. School pictures always are a slap in the face of that reality.

We said goodbye to our brother in law last month (Ken's sister's husband). It was a wonderful service, and the kids were happy to be with extended family.
(we stayed at the beach with the Ohio Coopers, since our tiny condo would not accommodate 8 extra people!)
And the pumpkin patch. We didn't buy our pumpkins there, instead the kids jumped on all kinds of inflatables...
Halloween! Molly was happy to wear her "fairy" costume to school (this pic is missing the wings!)…I was Pete the Cat, who is a Kindergarten hero these days.

Jack has been attending youth group at church. They wrote a movie script for Christmas and have been rehearsing and filming…He's Joseph.
We are enjoying our Disneyland passes…I am glad we ended up getting them again. It's a nice little break for us, we went last week after school.
The Christmas decorations at the mall send me into a panic, but they are acceptable and welcomed when I am at Disneyland.

I will try to be better about this little space. 
I don't even know who reads anymore….
Anyone? Hello?


The Ninofrancos said...

My theory is, better late than never. I want to print it all out and bind it into a book for the girls someday. I don't care who reads my blog. I am keeping it for them.

The Paine Family said...

You are NOT a lazy blogger, or a lazy anything for that matter (: thanks for sharing. I'm sorry to hear about the loss in your family. We are planning a Disney day the day after Thanksgiving, it is such a happy place. And I love your Halloween costume, good work!