Saturday, July 12, 2008

How Much?...a true conversation

Jack- "Mom, how much do you love me?"
Mom- "A whole lot, why?"
J- "More than a cheetah loves his stripes?"
M- "yes"
J- "More than a whale loves his blowhole?"
J- "more than a robot loves his beeping?"
M- "yes"
J- "more than a dog loves to lick?"
M- "yep"
J- "more than a cat loves to chase birds?"
M- "yes"
J- "more than a tiger loves his stripes?"
M- "yes"
J- "more than an astronaut loves the planets?"
M- "yes, Jack. More than ALL of those things together".
J- "whoa. That's a lot"

yes, it really is a lot....

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Jennifer said...

The conversations are getting cuter by the day... I can't wait until Taylor and me can have great conversations like that :).