Friday, July 11, 2008

July news

Since the crashing of our computer...we have...

turned 6 months old! 17.3 oz. 27 inches

gotten mad at Mom & Dad and made this sign for the bedroom (the picture is a"grown-up")

went swimming...first time for Miss Molly

celebrated the 4th

and had a puppet show...with puppets created by Jack.


Anonymous said...

Hola, como va?, espero q bien, bueno, esta muy bueno este blog, me gusto, si tenes tiempo pasate por el mio, saludos!!


Jennifer said...

Wow I cannot believe Miss Molly is already six months. That is scary.

I can't belive Jack made that sign. Well I can believe it :). What did mean mommy and daddy do this time?

I love the swimming picks. How fun!

I also love Molly's 4th of July bow :).