Saturday, July 19, 2008

letter to a table

Dear Train Table,
It has been a good 3.5 years. You have given Jack HOURS and HOURS of joy, creativity, and fun. You were the reason our office became known as "the train room".
You may have noticed, table, that Jack's tiny hands have grown. You may have noticed that when he comes into "the train room" it is usually to use the computer, not you. I imagine that has been hard for you. I know he still loved you, but he has other things on his mind now...robots, space travel, Kindergarten...I think trains will always be in his heart, but, he has made room for other things.
We decided last week that it may be time to move a new table into the office. With homework to do and a blooming desire to create fantastic artwork and write stories and books, Jack will be needing his own desk. Jack was very sad, but he understood. What made it easier was knowing you would be going to a wonderful new home, with a wonderful new friend. I promise you will be played with much more than you had been lately at our house.
We will miss the layouts and adventures...and the smiles...
Thank you, train table.
Jack, Christmas 2004

**I can't believe I just wrote a letter to a table....


Melodie said...

We will be having a great time with it!

Thank you so much. What adventures await.

Susie said...

Well, we for sure got our money's worth on that table! Glad to see it changing hands again to inspire a new Mr. Conductor. :)

Jennifer said...

The end of an era. It went to a great home though :).