Thursday, July 3, 2008

sad face...

Being a mom is easy. Being a teacher is easy.
This summer, I am learning that being BOTH
at the same time is not so easy.

Yesterday, after several warnings,
I had to put Jack and another student on "the sad face".
My son was devastated.

Tears. Tears. More Tears.
I explained that he would be put back on "the happy face" if
did a good job at lunch and after lunch.
After he quietly ate his lunch, I asked him to put his
lunch box back in the room.
When I went in a little while later, I noticed that the board
had been "altered".
The sad face had been changed to a happy face.
Jack's name was right there under it.
After I smiled and laughed to myself, I had to have a
chat with my son about what was HIS job and what was MY job.
I think he learned his lesson, today he was the perfect student.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Wow, Sara I can only imagine how tough that would be to play both roles at the same time. He's probably just showing off. I bet that's the last time he will be on sad face.