Sunday, August 30, 2009

all dressed up!

Last night, we went to my cousin Laura's wedding!
I can't decide what picture I like better...
It's hard for a 6 year old to sit through a wedding ceremony.
We tried to stay quiet with a few rounds of Hangman. Molly was happy, once she was able to run around!
Molly spent lots of time smelling all the flowers...
they were so pretty!
And Jack, he just wanted to dance.
For awhile, he was the only one out there.
"Can I go back out on the stage?",
he kept asking.

Molly just ran around,
but every once in awhile, the lights would
catch her attention.
But, of course, she did love playing
with her cousin!
A picture with the beautiful bride..
(notice his red lips from his ring pop!)
One last dance...
the bride and her youngest guests!
Congrats Laura and Joe!


Anonymous said...

nice pix

Anonymous said...

Hey, nice photos, especially the family ones!
Love all the dresses: Molly's, yours AND Laura's.
Is Jack too young to sign up for So You Think You Can Dance? Gotta love his enthusiasm!

Nana said...

Sorry...that "anonymous" comment was really mine.