Monday, August 31, 2009


First day of first grade went well.
Look at this kid now...Look how little he was last year!
Everyone says time flies...everyone is right.Today, I think I understood why I was feeling anxious
about first grade.
I missed having Jack in Kindergarten with us...
but, I was happy that he could be with his best friends, like Gavin. For me, the day was really good.
I had 21 out of 22 show up. NO criers.
In fact, this class seems ready to go!
Lots of talkers, which is always fun...
One kid said to me after 10 minutes on the playground,
"Mrs. Cooper. I just ran a race and I am really tired.
I think I need to go lay down on your carpet!"
Good times....
On the subject of firsts...
Molly had another day at daycare.
She is still adjusting, and the morning drop off is
not the soon as I sign her in, she starts crying.
Molly also does not "do" hair clips...or pigtails.
I am yet to get her to cooperate.
But, look what I was greeted with today:

Obviously, they had been in for awhile, but I was shocked that
she let them do her hair!
Hooray for firsts....

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