Sunday, August 30, 2009

another year...

A year ago, I was doing the same thing.
This year, we are older and wiser....
Jack is SO ready for first grade. He is so excited to be back to school, that it makes this new chapter easier for Mommy.
A few funny things from the week...
* He has been insisting on bringing 2 apples to school, because this year he will have 2 wonderful teachers! (Jennifer and Patty...good luck! I know he will love you guys so much! )
* He already knows he wants to write about Comic Con from his summer...he actually told me it could be his TOPIC SENTENCE.
* He was so happy when I told him that in first grade, he gets his own pencil box with his own supplies..."Mom, if you tell me that again, my eyes might pop out!"
* He is enthusiastic about his new classroom..."YES! I am in Room 7!!!!" (and I am pretty convinced we would've said that no matter what room I mentioned)
* He read the whole class list on his own, and recognized lots of buddies

I am anxious for the morning to go smoothly.
The backpack is ready, the supplies are, too...
Wish us luck! Pictures tomorrow!

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