Thursday, August 6, 2009

so far...

Here are a few pictures for my die hard fans (mostly Nana...Hi Mom!)Molly enjoys being pushed in this car.
Jack and Jordan like to push her...
It's our version of 2 Men and a Baby.
Here, Molly is upset, obviously.
Notice the plate of cookies on the counter...
Jack and Molly get some energy out with Brandon.

We are enjoying eating out.
I was smart enough to take off her (brand new) shirt before lunch.

a cool family picture at the Ann Arbor Kids Museum

she looks serious here, but she LOVED
the water table!

Jack making a bubble around himself.

Molly, happy in the car, for once.
(she kept putting her new bunny behind her head)

Visiting Aunt Virginia and Uncle John in Michigan
(hooray for the self timer on the camera)

Surviving the plate injury..

still playing Bakugan...

and, a funny Jack story to hold you over.
We all went to dinner, and on the way home,
Joe saw a field with a few deer in it.
So, he pulled over, and drove in...
We took pictures (Molly squealed with joy!)...
On the way out, my little reader asked,
(obviously after seeing a sign)
"Mom, what does trespassing mean?"
more updates soon!


Nana said...

Thanks for the kid fix. Looks like all is well; glad you got to see Aunt Virginia and Uncle John. And it also looks like the kids enjoyed the museum. Keep the pictures coming! We miss you!

Shalimar and David said...

Well, Sara, what DOES trespassing mean? Ha ha! We miss you guys so much and yes, we can go to the beach together when you is heaven!!!

elkamina6 said...

Mia and Molly are cut from the same mold when it comes to cookies! Looks like you guys are staying busy and having tons of fun. Looking forward to getting together when you get home!

Ivy and John said...

I'm a loyal reader, too! It looks like a memorable trip for all of you. Jack will come back to school with stories for his new teacher.

Mel said...

Fantastic story!
Jack is awesome.