Friday, September 4, 2009

all about the accessories, right?

Molly got these cute Cookie Monster hairclips at Mia's birthday party.
She is slowly letting me put clips back in her hair, but usually I need to distract her, and then she doesn't realize they are there...

But look what I found at Sea World...
Cookie Monster crocs.
I know. Completely unnecessary.
But aren't most accessories for babies anyway?

The best part is, she can put them on herself.
The worst part is, she can put them on herself.
And if she sees them in her shoe basket,
she will immediately insist on wearing them.


Shalimar and David said...

Darling and hilarious! Pretty much sums up all adjectives regarding anything these kids do, huh?

JDiLuigi said...

Love the crocs:) It is these times we stop and ask ourselves if it is worth it to take them off? I know these times well as Milan is beginning to insist on taking naked dolls out in public - at least other parents know when they see an unmatched kid or one that has an interesting toy that they probably picked it out themselves!

Jennifer said...

Taylor would love those crocs. She is really into Elmo and cookie monster right now. She loves to pretend to eat cookies like him.