Wednesday, September 30, 2009

a new smile

I can't believe he let me do it.
Last night, I asked to see Jack's wiggly tooth.
It was pretty much ready.
So, I made an "offer".
If he let me pull it, he could have the Bakugan we bought, but
were holding on to for awhile.
And he agreed.
So, just like my dad did...
I pulled out his tooth.This one is my favorite, but for some reason, I can't get my editing

program to take out the red eye at the moment.

That big tooth is totally visible... Later, as I got Molly ready for her bath, I caught Jack

checking out his new smile.

He is always thinking.
Later, he told me,
"Mom, I was a little scared when you pulled it out"
and I said, "I know. But I knew it would be ok.
And sometimes we have to do things, even if we
are a little scared".
And a little while later, he said,
"So, I think I get it, Mom.
You helped me pull it out so I could
just grow up a little bit more".
Yes, kiddo, so you can grow up a little bit more.
But not too fast...ok?


Shalimar and David said...

Yes, not too fast...please!!!!!!!

rsingh said...

oh, he is all grown up. My grandfather used to say that losing your first tooth was a sign that you were ready for real academic work :-)