Saturday, September 19, 2009


We are having fun in San Diego this weekend (yes, I brought my computer and yes, I paid for the internet!).
We patiently waited for the train.
Is there anything cuter than baby pony tails?

The only thing cuter, is the shadow they cast!
Molly already has an appreciation for room service. I mean, where else can you go shirtless?
While Ken was at his meeting, the kids and I headed to Sea World. Since, we rode the train, I didn't have a stroller, so I knew I would have to rent one. I ended up getting a double, and it was perfect. Molly sat SO willingly because she was next to her brother (normally, she lasts about 10 minutes).We spent some time at the sting ray touch pool, an area we hadn't been in a long time.
And, we saw the underground "caves" where the eels are kept. Kind of creepy, but Jack was mesmerized. He thought they looked like they were smiling.
For lunch, we had our regular...pasta. But this time, the ducks found us!
I took this picture of Molly. It's now a new favorite. She LOVES animals...and was so happy those ducks actually stayed near her!Playing at the Sesame Bay of Play...making music.
Exploring the polar bears caves in the Wild Artic.
Beluga whale watching
Teaching baby sister all about the catfish, sting rays, and manatees in the exhibit.

I am so thankful for days I can spend with my kids (but we REALLY missed Daddy today). They were really, really well behaved and we had a wonderful time. Now, we are going to the hotel pool for a swim! What a fun weekend!


Jennifer said...

I love the pigtails :). Boy is Jack going to have soem exciting things to talk and write about next week :).

PamperingBeki said...

Oh man, those are CUTE pictures!!

I love San Diego.