Friday, September 11, 2009

I love Chili's

Chili's is right down the street from our house.
I love Chili's because of their boneless buffalo wings.
But I REALLY love Chili's because Shalimar's husband works there, and tonight while he was working, she and Salvatore came to have dinner and play.The babies shared a meal on the patio. Molly was so lady-like and she literally shoved strawberries in her mouth.See? She takes it very seriously...eating strawberries, that is.The babies also played on the train track that Jack built.After dinner, we loaded up the wagon for dessert. Can you tell it was enjoyed by all?Then we walked home and enjoyed the cool breeze and the beautiful sunset. Molly watched videos of big brother on tv while wearing a latest fashion trend. The popcorn bucket.And Jack and Salvatore shared some "guy" time watching Spongebob upstairs together.

Thank you, Liconas, for a fun night! Hope everyone sleeps in tomorrow!

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Susie said...

That evil Molly picture might be my all-time favorite!