Monday, November 30, 2009

If you watch Nick Jr. know that the Laurie Berkner Band has some pretty cool kid songs.
You know, the kind of songs that don't make you crazy when you hear them
over and over and over...
So, when I saw she was coming to the area,
and was having a pajama party concert,
I knew we had to go!

The concert was at the Long Beach Terrace Theater.
And my kids would've been happy playing
around the fountain all day!

But, once inside, it was all about the music.
And the dancing.
And the jumping.
And the singing.
And the giggling.

We were in good company, too!
And, I think we had the cutest jammies there!


Jennifer said...

It was such a blast. I want to go again. I agree about the jammies. Can you send me the link to the shutterfly album so I can save them? Thanks :).

Mel said...

Pretty pictures :)

Merideth said...

We thought about going to that concert! Love love Laurie Berkner! We're just a bit gun shy about kids concerts after our disastrous Wiggles Live experience. :)

BTW, this is the second photo where I've mistaken Jennifer's little girl for Molly. Do they look alike in person?