Thursday, November 5, 2009

just like Dad

Ken wears shorts ALL the time. I can tell when it is really cold, because Ken will be wearing jeans.
Jack is the same way. He prefers to wear shorts.
This morning, we got to school, and he wanted to show me a "trick" on the playground.
I did make him wear his sweatshirt, but when we got out there,
I said, "Jack! It's so cold. You should've worn jeans today!"
and he replied, "Mom. If I wear ankles can't see where they are going."

Maybe that is why Ken is SO good at directions. His ankles can always see where they are going!


Jennifer said...

Jack makes it so difficult to argue with such great comebacks.

I do notice that he always wears shorts. When we talk about the weathera nd what clothes the kid on the calendar bulletin board should wear he always picks shorts.

Mel said...

He is so creative!