Tuesday, November 17, 2009

tuesday tradition

These were taken a few weeks ago (we've since gotten a haircut!),
but Jack and I look forward to our weekly donut run.
Since Nana comes on Tuesdays, we have some "extra" time in the morning.
So, we go get donuts!

Sometimes we end up at the "factory" (Krispy Kreme)
and if the timing is right, Jack watches the
donuts go through the baking process.

It reminds me of the old footage from Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.
You know the ones where they show you how they make stuff.
Like crayons.

(Oh, and Jack's favorite? Sprinkles.
Mine? Pumpkin Spice)

1 comment:

Shalimar and David said...

You forgot to add that you are the most wonderful friend for bringing me my favorite custard filled every Tuesday also..I will probably owe you like $40 by the end of the year!!