Thursday, January 14, 2010


Between my mom, my brother-in-law, and myself, I have over 200 pictures from Molly's party.
Don't worry, I won't make you look at all of them!
But, we had a wonderful time....
with lots of friends and family...and lots of animal friends, too.The Gabba Gabba cupcakes were a HUGE hit...and worth every hour of work!We were so happy to get a BEAUTIFUL California day.
In January, it's hard to predict, but we were actually squeezing in to be in the shade!!!
If you REALLY want to see them, you can check out the rest of Molly's birthday excitement here!


Sharon said...

Are you kidding "if you really want to see them" (rest of photos). I sat and looked at EACH photo Sara. Thank you for the total pleasure of seeing everyone enjoy Molly's 2nd birthday Loved the labels on all of the (?Bubble jars?). The effort put in by you and Mom (cute, colorful cupcakes) turned out incredible!!! A big hit I'm sure! I don't know...was there a reason for the Orange wig worn by Ken? I don't really know him, but he sure seems like a wonderful Dad and husband!

Malia said...

As if the cupcakes weren't cute enough, the party favors (bubbles?) are adorable! Great party!

Merideth said...

Ok. . . your husband is the best sport ever!! :) You did such a great job on all the details. Good job, you! Your kiddos looked so sweet, and your nephew is cute as a button. We were actually thinking of having a party for Nolan at Zoomar's this year. Were you happy with the arrangement overall? Did you pick the largest package? Nolan is still saying he doesn't want a party at this point, but he's known to change his mind in the eleventh hour.
Love seeing the photos of the Richman babies, too. Miss you guys!! So happy Ana delivered safely.