Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year! Happy 2 Years!

I started my blog on January 5, 2008.
Looking back, I didn't realize I would become so dedicated to this whole blogging thing.
It's been lots of fun, reading the comments from all of you, and sharing the details that make life at our house crazy, and fun, and wonderful.
I found a cool thing that will "track" who visits my blog...I had a lot from Ohio and California, no surprise there. But, I was shocked to see that I had "hits" from some pretty interesting places (South Africa?)...
In this NEW year, I want to continue the blog AND know who is "out there" reading it.
So, leave a comment, so I can formally "meet" you...
and thanks for reading. we come!

1 comment:

Malia said...

I'm here! Happy New Year! I just found a pic of us with Shannon and Megan in high school that my mom brought with her on her visit--where did the last FIFTEEN years go?!?!?

PS--what do you use to track your hits?