Wednesday, December 30, 2009

vegas, baby!

We survived our family road trip to Vegas.
The plan was to leave early, so I could transfer a sleeping Molly into the car,
and have a sleeping Molly for part of the way.
That did NOT happen.
She was awake the whole way there...but, did really well.
She mastered the art of using her legs as a desk...
As usual, Jack did well in the car...thanks to books, coloring, and his DS.
We stayed at The Hotel @ Mandalay Bay.
Beautiful rooms...Molly liked the pillows!
Our suite even had a DVD player, so the kids were entertained!
Molly also liked the bathtub, especially since she could turn it on herself.
Waiting for the tram at the Luxor.
I thought Molly looked really tall in this picture...she didn't get her long legs from me!

Playing skeeball with Papa!
Jack really wanted this viking hat. And even after a trip to FAO Schwartz, he still decided it was what he wanted to buy...
Molly had to catch up on some important business while we were there.
Vacationing is a lot of work, you know. We have to put our feet up every so often.
The Forum Shops have a 3 story FAO Schwartz...with a huge Bakugan selection.
And an even bigger stuffed animal selection...
Jack's love of sting rays made this a fun trip. This one was HUGE!

More sea life at our hotel.
Touching sting rays...Molly even tried!

(this is a cheesy picture of the picture they took for us!)
Breakfast at the buffet at the Paris Hotel.
Ken met up with a retired co-worker.
But, I was in heaven. This is my favorite place to eat...

Playing rock, paper, scissors with Papa as we wait for our car.

Last stop...Bass Pro Shops!

On the way home, Jack was entertained again by Nana, Bakugan, and a movie on the laptop.
And Molly? She slept all but the last 40 minutes of our drive home!


JDiLuigi said...

Wow - that looked like a busy trip! You are so brave! I see how many wonderful memories you have made and it makes me inspired to try traveling with a toddler:)

Jennifer said...

It looks like you had an amzing trio. So glad it went so well with Molly :). I can't wait until we can do trips like that.