Saturday, December 12, 2009

it just keeps getting better

When you are 6, almost 7, it doesn't take much to have a great day.
You know, sometimes, a brownie in Jack's lunch is all he needs...
But, let me recap yesterday, in the mind of my son...

1- chocolate in the morning (advent calendar)
2- Holiday Store (the kids got to "shop" at school)
3- Fundraiser Ice Cream Party
4- spinning the money wheel at the party ($6)
5- finding 2 more dollars in 2 other prizes from fundraiser
6- winning 2 tickets to Knotts Berry Farm for being the top seller
7- winning a "No Homework Pass" from the fundraiser
8- going to the treasure box in class for a good week
9- having dinner with a good friend
10- having a milkshake at dinner
11- a warm bath (yes, this made the list, according to Jack)
12- sleeping in on Saturday
and then, when I told him we would go to a local snow event...that was #13...and with a huge grin, he said..."Today just keeps getting better and better!"
Thanks for everyone who bought "stuff" for his fundraiser!!!

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