Tuesday, December 15, 2009

before I forget...

I need to write down what Jack said on Sunday.
We got 2 classic Jack one-liners...

We were at the shoe store, buying Molly new shoes.
Which is something she hates doing.
So, she is crying her head off, putting on quite the show.
I find the shoes, get her old shoes back on, and put her back in
the stroller so I can pay...
As she sat there, recovering, sniffing so sadly, her brother said,
" I know, Molly. I know. Sometimes change is hard".

(he's 6, remember?)

Then, since she was already irritated, I figured, let's go do our Santa picture.
I mean, she's already got her splotchy and runny nosed face from the dramatic performance...
So, we head to Santa, and as expected, she wanted NOTHING to do with him.
I finally hand her a candy cane, and try sitting her down next to Jack, not Santa.
As she was protesting, Jack turned to Santa and said...
"We deal with this ALL the time."

I have to scan the picture. It's priceless.
But 2 Jack-isms, in one day, THAT makes me smile!


Sharon said...

What a treat, character and treasure your "young man" is!! He is more "grown up" than me! I just love your posts! Can't wait to see the Santa photo :)

The Paines said...

Hilarious!!! Glad you are taking the time to laugh and remember!