Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fingerprint Friday, I am totally cheating

Pampering Beki hosts Fingerprint Friday every week.
I usually participate...
This week, I am doing a Fingerprint Friday that is different.
I saw a lot of fingerprints a few weeks ago...
and never posted, so, here they are:

A few weeks ago, we went to Sea World,
or their passholder holiday night.
We decided to drive down Friday after work, go to Sea World,
spend the night, and do the zoo on Saturday.
Well, once Jack discovered the
ice skating on Friday night,
we ended up coming back the next day
so he could skate some more!

I was so proud of Jack.
He fell several times, but really wanted
to be successful at this.
He kept "warning" people as they passed:
"I'm just a beginner!"

We stopped at the Waffle Spot for breakfast Saturday.
It's our favorite place.
(even though this giant waffle is really creepy!)

Saturday morning, Jack wanted to skate right away.
I was so impressed how quickly
he got the hang of it.
He even ventured off without mommy!
And he is now wanting to take lessons!

No skating for Molly...just more animal time,
which makes for a very happy 2 year old.

This was her initial reaction to the "Dumbo" type ride
they have at Sea World.
She really did love it once it started!
I love easy family get-aways. They help me focus on my kids and my family,
and give me lots of chances to REALLY
experience the fingerprints my kids make.


Rosebud Collection said...

My favorite line is.."Children are the greatest fingerprints from God"..They are so pure and loving.
Wonderful pictures and beautiful pictures..

Snowcatcher said...

All your pictures are wonderful, but that second one of your daughter is a treasure! The joy of children truly is a Fingerprint! I'm glad you finally had a chance to catch up with Fingerprints!

artsyclay said...

Such beautiful Fingerprints! I especially love the photo of your daughter with her hands on the dolphin tank - adorable!

PamperingBeki said...

Ohmygoodness, those are so precious!