Tuesday, December 22, 2009

consider yourself warned...

I took almost 130 pictures today at Sea World..
here are the best ones...
Pull up a chair, and stay awhile...

Jake, Jack, and Molly...

The next ones leave me speechless.
Something about pictures with reflection.

We braved Santa again.
Granted, she pinned herself against the wall.
But, still, no tears!

This particular Santa had a special light.
If he touched your nose and a red light
came on, it apparently meant you had been good all year.
Both boys, of course, had red lights.
But would Molly let him try on her?


Molly rode this twice...

This one may be my favorite of the day.

We were very lucky at today's visit.
Ken has a connection with someone who
works at Sea World and trains the birds.
So, we got some special treatment..
and my 2 year got to chase a vulture!

And my 6 year old, got to hold a macaw.

After watching all of us put our arms out
for a perch, Molly REALLY wanted to
have a bird on HER arm, too.

I imagine she really will work with animals someday.
(We thought this was hysterical)

These macaws will be in the new dolphin show.

Both boys were great "perches".

Then, we got to meet this little animal,
a cousin of the opossum.
Our friend asked,
"who wants to feed it?"
Jack was the first volunteer.

And, of course, Molly wanted in on the action.
I was just impressed that she didn't eat the
grape while she was waiting her turn.

This could've been bad!

Molly had more fun picking up sticks...

And no trip would be complete without
feeding the sting rays.

It's nice to be on vacation.
Cause I am tired!
What a wonderful day!!!


JDiLuigi said...

Sara, I am so emotional...I had tears in my eyes as I looked at these pics. What a great day! I always love your pics, but these are absolutely wonderful!!!

Shalimar and David said...

OH MY GOODNESS,these are great!! I love the one of Jack holding out his arm for the bird and the one of Molly and Ken!!

Mel said...

Great photos! I love the love in your words :)

Malia said...

Oh my gosh! That first one of Molly looking in at the tank... it's absolutely beautiful! What fun you all had!