Monday, December 7, 2009

O, Christmas Tree

This year, we got our tree at Jack's teacher's family lot.
This was VERY exciting for Jack!!
The Santa hat was his idea...

It should've been NO surprise that Molly loved hiding in the trees.Our perfect and tiny tree.
Ken teases me, calling it the tree from
A Charlie Brown Christmas.
But, last year, with an 11 month old,
we had to be creative.

So, we picked a small tree, and placed
it on top of a small table behind the couch.
I loved it there, so...history repeats.

We have lots of sentimental ornaments, but with a
smaller tree, they all don't make an appearance.
But this one?
It has to go up!
It was a gift from Jack when we was 3, and in preschool!


Sharon said...

LOVED this you prepare for the greatest Holy Day yet! Molly hiding in the trees, too cute! Love Jack's angel ornament. Your tree is perfect Sara!!

Malia said...

Love the small tree behind the couch idea. This is our last year before we have to start getting creative, too!