Sunday, April 11, 2010

go fly a kite

When Ken brought Jack a kite home from Washington DC, I had visions of taking lots of pictures of them flying it together. Pictures with a beautiful blue sky, big white clouds, Molly in a cute little dress...
But, we went today.
And while the weather wasn't what I wanted, these pictures are still pretty good.

This one is my favorite:


Shalimar and David said...

Jack can make anything, in any kind of weather, look fun!!!!!

Mel said...

And that last one is my favorite, too :)

Malia said...

Love them!!! Beautiful pictures and a fun looking day, too!

Merideth said...

I absolutely love the fourth picture down, with Jack and Molly together. What a beautiful picture and the expressions on the kids are so natural and sweet. Love it!

Also, can't believe how thick and flowy Molly's hair is getting. Quite the little beauty, that one. :)