Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Good news. The Easter Bunny did NOT fall asleep and forget to load the Easter baskets.
Jack was up long before his sleepy sister, and waited PATIENTLY so they could do their baskets together.

Then, we got dressed, and I attempted some sibling shots outside.
Please note. My mother hand smocked Molly's dress this year.
Off to Nana and Papa's...and since we have no "real" Easter Bunny pictures, we posed with the one at their house.
Then, we went to meet REAL Easter Bunnies...

and jump on a trampoline!
Molly survived the kitty attack with bravery...
and everyone had fun finding eggs.

The boys had puzzle pieces in the eggs this year.
Tradition calls for a hunt for the baskets...Jack loves to read the clues.
Cousins: 2010

Cousins: 2008Later, Jack talked to Ken on the phone, and said,
"Dad, I am sorry you missed Easter".
We all missed you, Daddy!


Liz said...

Awe! Poor Molly. Those scratches looked painful! :(

Looks like everyone had a wonderful time though. The weather looked great!!

Loving This Mom Stuff

Merideth said...

Okay. . . Molly's dress is the cutest thing ever! Your mom is amazing.

Malia said...

That smocked dress is adorable. Your mom is amazing! She'll always be "the one who made the uniforms for our tall flags team" to me :)