Tuesday, April 6, 2010


(this is a bad picture, taken from my cell phone)

This week, Jack has been very patient, as I tried to keep life "normal" while Ken was in DC.
Tonight, we went to this indoor playground at Burger King for dinner and some "burn-up-the-energy-so-Mommy-can-go-to-bed-early" time.

Jack immediately joined some kids in a game.
Molly LOVES these play areas, and has NO fear to climb up on her own.
But, she was about 2 inches too short to get up the platforms on her own.

Jack helped her everytime...and barely complained :)

He earned his "be-helpful-and-responsible-while-Daddy-is-gone-so-Mommy-doesn't-go-crazy" Lego Set. You would think I would've learned from last time.
Someone remind me to check BEFORE I make such promises. Turns out this much wanted Lego set is "Not available in the United States"...but, it is on eBay. (sigh)

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Nana said...

He's a GREAT big brother. And what I especially appreciate is that he thinks she's so funny...don't we all?