Monday, June 21, 2010

Day One- Friday

Our Father's Day weekend was spent in San Diego.
First stop, the San Diego County Fair.
I loved all the colors...
this was a crazy, long, twisty slide. Jack loves this fun house-type things.

Molly tried a lot of rides, too!
This blue balloon got away from the game. And while I don't encourage
my kids to interact with "carnies", it was very sweet to see her return it.

This is Jack's excitement BEFORE jumping.
He was VERY determined to do a flip...and he eventually was successful!

A fun hang-gliding ride!

Ken and Molly rode the trucks...

...while Jack surprised us by enjoying this ride!

The kids look a bit confused...because this ride had "It's a Small World" playing as they went around. And trust me, Molly knows this was NOT the Small World ride!
We rode an elephant!

The boys rode the sky lift!

The cinnamon rolls. I didn't have one. THAT is an Orange County Fair tradition...

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Malia said...

Whoa, you all have been busy crazy fun!!! Way to kick off summer!