Wednesday, June 16, 2010

a good report card

*let me start by saying, I did remember my camera, just forgot the battery that was in the charger. sigh.

Jack and I dropped Molly off at the sitter today. We went to Disneyland early, to beat the crowds and the heat. And we were successful!

By 11:00, we had done:
Star Tours, Buzz Lightyear, Matterhorn, Mr. Toad, Big Thunder, The Mark Twain, Haunted Mansion, Tom Sawyer Island, the train, AND the monorail...

..and a trip to the Lego Store, where he told anyone who made eye contact with him,
"I get to choose something for my good report card".
This is what he picked, and what he is working on, at the kitchen table, while Molly and Mommy take a nap!


Mel said...

You are such a good mom. All that by 11am? You have the energy of... a kid!!

Jennifer said...

Glad you guys had such a great day! I am amazed you were able to do so much at Disneyland with it being so crowded these days. That is so cute how he told everyone about his good report card. As his teacher i can say it wasn't just a good report card it was an awesome report card for a very smart, cool kid :).

angie said...

congrats, jack!