Wednesday, August 25, 2010

9 years later!

We celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary while in Ohio.
We had a party of 15 at Benihana!
What a wonderful group of people to celebrate with!
Jack and Jordan played Star Wars with the drink sword toothpicks.
But, not Molly. She's ALL business.
The kids meals come with, we had one HAPPY eater!
Jack, raising his hand to order his ice cream!

Crazy to think of where we were 9 years ago,
and exciting to think of where we will be in 9 years!
Happy (late) Anniversary!


Cyn said...

Happy Anniversary, looks like everyone had fun.

The Liconas said...

Congrats you both!

The Liconas said...

I meant to say Congrats to you both!!!!

Jennifer said...

What a great way to celebrate! I love the family pictures.

jane said...

and happy nine years!! :)